Please Note:

At present we only offer this service for Microsoft based systems.

We are not Microsoft certified technicians who can fix operating system problems, and we are not computer engineers, so it is essentially you have a functioning PC in order to make the most of this service. However, we can advise on things that might help your computer run a little faster, and assist you to troubleshoot minor problems.

Computer Confidence training packages for Businesses 

If you would like to organise bespoke training for your employees to help them better utilise the computers you provide, head on over to our sister site to find out more about the training packages we can offer. (Par Beyond can also offer training for Business Efficiency, Human Resources issues and Time Management!)

Ever wished you knew the answers to some of the following questions:

  • How can I attach things to emails?
  • Where do I save my documents and how can I create a filing system so I can find things again when I need them?
  • How can I record my accounts on my PC?
  • What more can my PC do?
  • How can I use social media to keep in touch with family & friends, or market my business?
  • What programs and applications might help me save more time?
  • How can I get faster at using computers?
  • What does that message mean?
  • How can I make my computer work for me?
  • How can I connect my printer?
  • How do I link my computer to other devices?
  • How can I create a nice looking invoice for my customers? And how can I bill them electronically?

Ever sat in front of your computer and felt you were about to do battle?

Worried you might “break it” or that it's doing things you didn't ask it to do?

Computers can be a valuable and essential part of running a modern business and leading a modern life, but having started out as nervous computer users ourselves, we appreciate how daunting it can be! With patience, plain English, and a whole lot more patience, we might be able to help you if you live in Devon!

By sitting down with you at your own pc and looking at how you want to use it, and how you might use it better, we can help you to gain confidence. We can visit you in your home or business premises and spend time with you, to help make your computer work for you. By teaching you valuable time saving tips and explaining how things fit together in layman's terms, we aim to help you get the most from your investment, be it simply to keep in touch with family and friends and further your hobbies, or to run your business more efficiently. Our aim is to leave you more confident, whether it takes one session, or a few. So that you dont feel overloaded, we find shorter sessions work best.

Because we work with you on your pc, we can set up filing systems, templates, favourites & shortcuts with you at the time, which you can use afterwards.